This years theme: In Space

Visitors voices

Conferencier Lena Thomasson and participants in the Wisby Masquerade 2011

Here are some excerpts from mail and Facebook messages we received after the Wisby Masquerade  in earlier years.

First, a statement from a participating artist

"For the second year in a row, I was involved as a performer on the fabulous event, the Wisby Masquerade. Being involved in the creation of the magic that is the whole experience is incredibly stimulating and makes you wanting more.

Once you have been here you will not want to miss the next for all the world! "­

­Maria Hansson Österrlund - leader of Layali Oriental Cance Company

Statements from visitors


F-ing bloody amazing in all ways
I did not understand how cool this was before I visited the place. I am not going to miss one occasion to visit the Wisby Masquerade IN THE REST OF MY LIFE!

"Celebration and frivolity, playfulness and seriousness, intimacy and mystery, recognition and new worlds. A total experience for the senses. Just come! :-)"

"A magic overall experience
Wonderful, magical, fascinating and totally addictive. Love it!"

Wish there were more events like this around the country ... Hoping to be part of it more years!

Exc­ellent H­appening
Absolutely incredible happening , it's not just a party , it is so much more . The seven hours just disappeared in a rush of adventures , music, set design, good food and drink and lots of interesting people .­­

Actually , I hate nonsense like Masquerades
but this was super fun [...]
Anette S

Incredibly cool experience !
The Visby Masquerade was an experience so unbelievably awesome. It was like participating in a musical. Fantastic approach. Among the coolest thing I have ever experienced in a party . This will become a clear tradition for us.

THANK YOU for your gift to us
Dear Hillar, true magician and producer of Wisbys brightest and most wonderful event, for all senses [....] Thank you for your gift to us that resulted in a compleeeeetely fantasticly funny day and night.
We will do it again!! Next year in Jerusalem will now switch to next year in Chicago!
Big warm hug!
Petra & Lisa

Feel free to avail yourself of the images [...]
Thanks for a grand masquerade and a wonderful evening. Exciting t o see next year's theme ? !

Thousands of thanks for a wonderful evening!
Have never seen anything like it :) [about the Gotland Musical Company ]: They were WONDERFUL ! What voices :)

♥ THANKS for a nice pirate event.
Looking forward to next year ...
Have a great day !
Anette L

­A total experience with many angles
It was an event that was unlike anything else. You participated in mask, and became part of the total experience. There were all sorts of events going on throughout the house from the comical magic artist, magicians, great pop band, jazz, musical performance with gigantic choir, something for all tastes.

Perhaps it was a bit difficult to get a grip on where to be at what point to take note of everything that happened. Additionally we were served a good buffet that we happily spent time with. Nice with guests of all ages and an unpretentious and happy mood.

Arrived at home a lot later than....
… than expected, I was a little ill....but that was easily forgotten on this wonderful party!!!

One almost has to...
... use the old slogan of Nalen - Festive, popular and crowded, but there is always room for everyone




Besök Magic Bar i Stockholm




Adelsgatan, Visby