This years theme: In Space

Artists & Production team 2015

Masquerade guests - Wisbymaskeraden 2014

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Bild från Wisbymaskeraden 2013

Fräulein Frauke
The Swedish Ruling Queen of Burlesque


Yvette Les Fesses
en fantastisk svensk artist som vunnit pris i Amsterdam


En av Europas största
Boylesque-stjärnor - österrikiske
Jacques Patriarque

Boyd paint

Modell målad av Evgenia Parhatskaja

Evgenia Parhatskaja

Came on third on the World Champinoship of Bodypaint 2014. She will be performing/painting our models this year. 


Space Truckers under the direction of Albin Linder


Musical - Musical Company of Gotland


The Musical Company of Gotland makes it possible for the Wisby Masquerade to get reviews like: "an experience so unbelievably awesome. It was like participating in a musical.."

We are again happy and proud to present the Musical Comapny of Gotland, directed by Sofia Ahlin Schwanbom.

Dance groups

Teh Wisby Masquerade 2014 

The Golden Catz




Albin Österholm, Hip-Hop Soloartist




A fantastic dance duo that consists of Linda Nihlén och Sara Carlberg. They move inte border line between dance and acrobatics

Musical artists

The musical group POMP




Photo from Gotland Pride 2014

Nagisa Solider


More entertainment


­Chicago Air Show

we do not yet know exactly what artists från Chicago Air Show that will participate. So far you can enjoy photos and videos from earlier years.


­ Wisbymaskeraden 2013 - Kaj Thuresson

 Wisbymaskeraden 2013 - Rebecka Lange & Olof Berg

Our own acrobats flying in the sky, performing fantastcis acts in the flor. Makes you amazed over the human bodies flexible movements.

Photo from Wisbymaskeraden 2014




Acrobats & jugglers from Pax


Other participants


Karin Leoson, conferencier


 LARP under the supervision of Per Lingvall & Marcus Petersson

Join our LARP group - more info here!





Strand Hotel


Set design

Pernilla Glas


Production Coordinator

Cathis Undsjö


Lighting design

Emma Jansson


Stage manager

Janne Nilsson, Gotland On Tour


Sound- & Lighting technology

 Stefan Olsson, PA-kompaniet
Johan Larsson


Hosts/Hostesses/Stage hands


Make-up artist

Emmelie Sigvardsson



Nina Ruthström

Graphic design, logo & homepage

Magnus Häglund, design
Sebastia­n Gamero, Programming



Anna Karlsson, Production Manager
Hillar Loor, Producer






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