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Welcome to the
Wisby Masquerade 2015,
October 9-11

Mail to the Wisby Masquerade

We have received a number of messages from participants. Here are some:

F-ing bloody amazing in all ways
I did not understand how cool this was before I visited the place. I am not going to miss one occasion to visit the Wisby Masquerade IN THE REST OF MY LIFE!

"A magic overall experience
Wonderful, magical, fascinating and totally addictive. Love it!"

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Visit the Wisby masquerade 2015!

Wisbymaskeraden in Space - Star Wars, Sci Fi & Cosplay!

Take part of a trip into space and into the future - wrapped in a marvelous SciFi Burlesque with our national and international stars.

The Wisby Masquerade has grown to become one of Swedens most amazing theme parties. A whole weekend - allways in the second week of october.

This years event:
Friday 19.00 - opening (premis to be decided)
Friday 22.00 - In Space at Club Himalayas  (Pre-party)
Saturday 13.00 - childrens masquerade at Gotlands Museum
Saturday 19.00 - the big themeparty evening at Strand Hotel, Visby

International Stars at the Wisby Masquerade!

Would you like to
become a body paint

We will offer the possivility for a number of persons to become body paint models - painted into SciFi fanatsy creatures.

You now hve the opprotunity to have a professional artist work in you body...

If you would be interested - please send us a mail and we will get in touch with you!


This years masquerade comes with a number of great international artists. And all of them will be close to you - in the audience - forming our SciFi Burlesque team.

For the first time - the international boylesque artist Jaques Patriarque from Austria.

Two of Swedens Burlesque Queens - Fräulein Frauke and Yvette Les Fesses will perform.

We can assure you a very special experience with HOOCHY COOCHY MAMA and performance artist, Karin Victorin.

Evgenia Parahatskaja, the bronze medalist in the WC of body art 2014, will let you meet creatures you have never met before. Painted onto the naked skin of our models.

Direct from Rome - a young talented, smart magician - Matteo Gizzi.

And of course: The Musical Comapny of Gotland, the dancegroup Golden Catz, the acrobats: the Chicago Air Show, Mystica & Pax, Albin Österholm, Musical group POMP, Live Role Players and a lot more...

And - in the night - 2 disco floors with both techno and schlager, supervised by our hot DJs, Madeleine Petersson and Nagisa Solider.

And all will be comfortably hosted by our emcees Lena Thomasson and Karin Leosson.

Never in the history of the Wisby Masquerade have we had such a marvelous array of talented artists.

Read more about the artists here.


After many years with historical themes, we now walk into the future. Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, Avatar, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy... there are so many movies och stories from where our theme is derived.

Some places you may visit during the masquerade: The swamps of Dagobah, the forest of the Avatar's, the restaurant at the end of the world and of course the Cantina from Star Wars.

Visit the bridge of our Steam Punk Starship, find your way to different SciFi landscapes and get to meet creatures you only have met watching movies before.

Let your imagination bloom, let us trek into space, and experience the future together.


Cosplay means Costume play and is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea. This year we specially welcome anyone that considers him/herself a cosplayer.

More info on the subject here!

Hotel and travel package

Take a break and experience a weekend of aliens, costume, body-paint, music, artists - in the most fantastic environment - Best Western Strand Hotel, Visby.

Stay for 2 nights in the middle of the masquerade!

We can offer you packages e g from Stockholm with boat trip to Visby, 2 nights at the hotel incl breakfast, the masquerade and the masquerade dinner buffet, for ≈ €200/person.

We would love for you to come here and will assist you in­ any way possible.

For further information please send us an e-mail at info@wisbymaskeraden.se or use the contact form!


Hillar Loor
and the masquerade team









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