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L A R P information

Even the bar takes action during the Wisby Masquerade 2012

During the Wisby Masquerade 2010-2014 we conducted a "mini" Live Action Role Play (LARP) every evening. About 15-20 roleplayes set up their own theme and conducted their own LARP amidst all the " regular" visitors. This LARP is an important part of the masquerade , it creates a large part of the environment.

Want to participate in a "mini- LARP " ?

Would you like to take part? The get involved is simple. Buy a ticket or a travel / accommodation package. Then - register in the form at the bottom of this page.

You may also like to organize your own LARP if you want. Talk to our game master , it's a great environment to be in.

Game Conductor

In charge of pur LARP is Marcus Petersson. You may reach him by e -mail:

This is how Marcus describes himself_
" 26 years old from Malmö, Sweden. Moved to Gotland and started college right after high school in 2008. Studying game design and graphics. Has a passion for pen and paper role-playing game. Has over 7 years of experience in conducting games. During the years I have  been gaming leader of both "pen and paper" role-playing and LARP . I look very much forward to be responsible for this evening and create a magical evening  wth you."





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